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January 2007

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shanbeyb in netadix

Boo or Yey?

1.Kris Aquino is finally preggy with husband James Yap! The baby will be named James Jr if it's a boy and Oprah, if it's a girl. Kris's family is very much supportive of her second pregnancy especially her only brother, Kuya Noynoy Aquino.

2.Gretchen Baretto or Dawn Zulueta to replace Pia Guanio in S-Files? Why can't Greta just be content in being Mrs. (?) Tony Boy Cojuangco? By the way, Tony owns ABC5. Then, why can't she just put up her own show in her own TV network? Strange!

3.The alleged Claudine Baretto sex video with a former boyfriend is creating doubts on the latter's intention. If it were true and if he were in his proper senses, why would he, if he were a gentleman, threaten to expose their sexcapades before? He's insane, pathetic and deserves ignorance!

4.Where is Christian Esteban? I thought he would make good as an actor and TV host. But basing it from Lovely Day's standing, the show can still sustain its ratings even without him. I believe that he is one of the most talented product of Starstruck. 

5.Janice de Belen should be in Flor de Luna! Forget the battle of the networks.(Janice is in GMA7) Forget that ex-hubby John Estrada is also in the cast. If I were the producer of Flor de Luna, I would have made Flor's story in continuation of where it ended several years ago. Why make a remake even if it will be a hit just like Kristine Hermosa's Gulong Ng Palad? Make something different like making a continuation on Flor's life! And who would be in a better position to handle Flor's role well but the main actor who portrayed Flor's character---Janice de Belen!

6.Ogie and Regine should stop denying. The only people who do not know their ongoing relationship are Ogie Alcacid and Regine Velasquez! Sometimes, I have weird thoughts like Gelli de Belen should have let Regine Velasquez took Ariel Rivera. Gelli, with her svelte figure and pretty face, could still get another man in replacement of Ariel but not Regine. Regine can be everything as a singer and performer but there is one thing lacking in her---a man to match her status.

7.Iwa Moto's life story in Magpakailanman brought tears to my eyes. I could see a troubled teener in her. A daughter who was made to mature overnight because of her parents' issues. I hope she has really changed for the better. One more thing, she could get a better boyfriend than Rochelle Pangilinan's ex-bf, Yexel Sebastian!

8. Sugar Mercado and Alyssa Alano are cute in portraying pretty but dumb roles in TV. But I hope the network where they are working for won't capitalize too much on their "dumbness." Sometimes, it irritates me to watch Alyssa mispronouncing some English words. It irritates me to see Sugar crying everytime she feels "victimized" by the Eat Bulaga hosts. 

9. For some reasons, I don't find Kim Chiu of PBB Teen Edition endearing. I hate her catatonic facial expressions when she's being interviewed!

10.Apparently, Patrick Garcia used Jennylyn Mercado when he tried to be close to her during the time that he was fresh from his transfer from ABS-CBN to GMA-7. Is it true that he's trying to win back ex-gf Bianca King?