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January 2007

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The Rosanna Roces Controversy

Rosanna Roces or Jennifer Adriano-Molina in real life. I happen to know about this actress some 10 or 11 years ago when she accused Ruffa Gutierrez, Cristina Gonzales and Vivian Velez of working in Brunei as entertainers. Her screen name then was Ana Maceda. Funny how she got that name. Well, she took Anabelle Rama's first name and Manong Ernie Maceda's surname. Voila! A new starlet in the name of Ana Maceda was born!

I didn't find her pretty enough to be one of local cinema's sex siren. After all, I was used on seeing silverscreen goddesses like Gretchen Baretto and Cristina Gonzales. Ana Maceda was no goddess of beauty to me. Her curly hair, plump body and plain face were not star material. But hey, she had a flawless complexion and thanks to her German dad!

She made the movie "Machete 2" with Gardo Versoza and Snooky Serna. Duh! Snooky did a sexy movie! But hey, it was Rosanna or Osang who played sexy. After that movie, I became busy with my personal affairs and for a while, I did not bother reading showbiz columns.

I couldn't remember when I saw the transformed Osang. Maybe it was in 1997 or 3 years after the Brunei Scandal. Her hair was already straight, her eyes became lively and her body, wow! The body of a sex siren! Well, she did strings of soft porno films. I was still underage then to watch those kinds of stuffs. But one time, I saw a nude picture of her on the papers. Her boobs looked fake.

I guess, it was Armida Siguion-Reyna who gambled on her. If my memory serves me right, Osang did "Ligaya ang Itawag Mo sa Akin." Knowing Armida and her anti-censorship stand on films, Osang exposed herself in Ligaya. It was worth the exposure. The movie was miles different from her old soft porno films. It gave her the chance to show her acting talent. Armida made way for her to be a star in her own right.

What I can't forget about Osang are the following:

1. Her naughtiness- She could be very vulgar. She donned a gown exposing her right boobs. The right boobs were just covered by body paint and sequins.

2. Her rift with Cristy Fermin- Cristy Fermin is the jologs version of Kris Aquino. It was Cristy who exposed her being a mother of two children and wife to Tito Molina.

Osang has always been the bad and vulgar girl of Philippine cinema. I just hope that she will learn to be humble and not let pride eat her.

People who are openly at odds with Osang:

1. Former bestfriend Ai-ai delas Alas

2. Manay Lolit Solis- former manager

3. Dolly Anne Carvajal

4. Tito Molina- estranged husband

5. Tito's mother

6. Vicky Belo- former bestfriend and business partner