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January 2007

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shanbeyb in netadix

What's Wrong With Gretchen Barreto?

Tall, svelte and a goddess in her own right--that's Gretchen Barreto. 
Her life was an open book from her teenage romance with Aga Muhlach to her live-in relationship with ex-cager Joey Loyzaga, to her big career move to go bold, to her attempted suicide, to her witnessing (?) the switching of envelope in the 1994 Film Festival and to her being the live-in partner of business tycoon Tony Boy Cojuangco.


I.Teenage Romance With Aga Muhlach
Gretchen was just a pretty newcomer when she got involved with Aga. Who's first in Aga's life: Gretchen or Janice de Belen? Her face, though very pretty, did not assure her of the stardom that youngest sister Claudine earned as a newcomer. Girls are crazy for Aga Muhlach but not me. He's cute, yeah, but he lacks the animalistic sex appeal that Richard Gomez has. 

II. Live-In Relationship With Joey Loyzaga
The most memorable ones are her rift with Janno Gibbs for getting Bing Loyzaga pregnant and her suicide attempt when Aga Muhlach rejected her. She was just 16 (?) when she started living in with Joey. Her first daring film was with Jestoni Alarcon’s “Golden Buddha.” At that time, ST (Sex-Trip) Beauties like Rita Avila, Cristina Gonzales, Rina Reyes and Gretchen Baretto ruled the silver screen.
There must be some issues between her and Joey that prompted her to try to get back on Aga but the latter rejected her. She attempted to commit suicide and was hospitalized. As a result, the movie “Salome” was given to Rita Avila because the costumes would not fit Gretchen. She loss a lot of weight and the producer could not afford to delay the shooting or repair the costumes.
III. 1994 Film Fest Scam
According to Lolit Solis’ statement of Mo Twister’s “Good Times with Mo Twister,” Gretchen knew from the start that a scam will happen. But if you will look at the film fest video, a surprised Gretchen graced the screen.
Gabby Concepcion lost his career because of the scam. His relationship with his manager, Lolit Solis, went sour. Vivecka Babajee of Mauritius and Rocky Gutierrez were involved for the switching of envelopes. Gretchen became a bigger star after the film fest scam; even much bigger than the stardom she attained for being an ST star. For a couple of weeks, she was the heroine; the star witness.
Ruffa was mad at her then. But time heals all wounds because they seem to the best of friends now.
IV. An Affair With The Tycoon
The star witness caught the eyes of the business tycoon Tony Boy Cojuangco. It was a whirlwind romance that immediately produced Dominique, their unica hija. There was a report that Gretchen was hysterical upon learning that Tony’s ex-wife was in his condo unit.(Gretchen was pregnant at that time) Against everybody who objected on Tony’s side, the couple stayed together until the present. 
V. Taming Gretchen
Why is she sensitive to people asking her if she’s happy with her life? I don’t get why she has to mention Bong’s name for her TV interviews. I don’t get why she got mad at Lani’s Christmas wish for her that is, a married life with Tony. I don’t see anything wrong with that wish unless she, as Bong’s former paramour years back, finds it insulting.
“She wants me to marry Tony because I’m her biggest threat,” she said in a TV interview last night.
The goddess is turning into a lioness. She can be the prettiest woman on Earth but with her depreciating attitude, who will ever care? Yes, the elites don’t accept her in their high social circle. She claims that it’s only the showbiz people and her fans who truly accept her then why start a fight with a fellow artist? Instead of attracting word wars, she can devote her time to charity or something that will keep her busy and intrigue-free. Sure, intrigues are everywhere so the best thing that she must do is to divert her attention to topics that are worth attending.
Gretchen’s friends must tell her to tame her tongue. Her cheekiness is not helping her, it’s slowly destroying her.