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January 2007

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shanbeyb in netadix

Sweet Got 35/40!

John Sweet Lapuz on DJ Mo's 89.9!

1.Who's the more credible writer? Lolit or Cristy?
> Cristy. Because she doesn't use a ghost writer.

2.Who's the more credible talkshow host?Lolit or Cristy?
>Lolit. Because she's wacky.

3.How old are you when you lost your virginity?
>I was 10! I did it with a classmate. I was in grade 5, still
uncircumsized. Then, I saw my classmate with his wang.
He dared me to do a blowjob. So, that was my first experience!
Sorry, mom! (embarrassed) It's embarassing! I asked my mom
to tune in!

4.Do you have any worst encounter with a celebrity?
>Yeah!It's with Nora Aunor. You know how much I adore Nora
Aunor. Then, she guested in Sharon. I went there to see
her. I was starstruck with her nice pair of eyes. Then,
she asked her assistant to bring her a glass of iced tea.
She was very nervous backstage. The assistant gave her
a silver glass instead. To my surprise, Nora asked me to
drink with her! Gosh!It was like....she was my idol and
it seemed to me that all the rumors about her drinking
were true!

DJ Mo:What about the Kris Aquino incident in Game Ka Na Ba?
John Lapuz:Ah, yeah. But I don't consider it to be my
worst encounter.I happened to be her contestant. I won a
million pesos and I was so excited with it. Then, two days
after, somebody told me that my winning was being questioned
and contested! I learned she (Kris) was questioning my
winning.I got really hurt cuz she was my friend. They
conducted an investigation and indeed, I won! I took home
the 800,000 (1 million less tax) and I bought a brand new
car the next day! Hahaha!

5.Who's your celebrity crush?
>Kristine Hermosa---so beautiful even without make-up.
For 10 seconds, I forgot that I was gay! Hahaha!She changed
her clothes in front of me! Now, I'm eyeing Diether Ocampo!

6.Who's the worst-dressed celebrity?
>Ayyy....Kuya Germs with all his glittery suits!
DJ Mo: Hey, it's his style...Eccentricity doesn't count.

7.Who's the feeling-diva of showbiz?
>Gretchen feels like a diva because she really is.
Hmmmp! I hate teenage stars who act as if they're popular.
This Nene Tamayo of PBB---she's a feeling diva! One time,
she snobbed me and I told that to our manager. Hahahah!
Our manager scolded her!

8.Who do you dislike working with?
> Keanna Reeves! I did a movie with her entitled Bb. K.
She can't act well!

9. What body part of you is not real?
>Well, everybody knows that my chin went under the knife,
I had lipo, too.!

10.Do you take home a male escort and how often?
>Yes. Last week I did it. I take home 3x a month.

11. What is the worst Xmas gift that you received?
>Hahaha! It was a book from a non-showbiz friend.

12. Who's got the worst B.O. among the local celebrities?
>Chocolate! There's something in his sweat and breath. I
stayed with him while we're doing US shows.

13.Who should make a big comeback?
>Nora Aunor. She's such a talent. So please, give her plane
tickets to come back here.

14.Who is goodlooking in TV/print but so-so in person?
>Zanjoe. He looks good in ads but not in person. Keanna, well..
looks old in person----because she's old! Hahahaha!

15.Name one overrated singer.
>Jessa Zaragoza. Madonna's voice is not that good, either.
Jessa's voice is like a man's. Oh, she's in the States with
her husband. MAybe the Americans will be amused at her.
"Hey, is that a man singing?"

16.Which is a better TV station? ABS or GMA?
> Of course I would say GMA!
DJ Mo: Why? Because they'll get you fired if you don't?
>No! Because the people like them. They gave a show. They
gave me a second chance!

17.But what is GMA's worst TV show?
> Hahahahaha! Daisy 7! Well, it caters to a certain crowd.
I don't get their format!

18.If there's one person you'd like to be expelled on the
Buzz...who is he?
>Jobert Sucaldito. Jobert is my friend but you know, the
show can survive even without him.

19.And who's the weakest link in S-files?
>Paolo Bediones. She can do better than showbiz talkshow.
DJ Mo: She?
>No, he! Hahaha!You see, I'm not good in English!

20.Who's local showbiz' worst actor and actress?
>Keanna and Troy for Bb. K. Direk Joven is a good director.
It's just the two of them who are not!

21.Who's the country's biggest drama queen?
>Lara Morena. Always crying on TV!

22.Who's the most plastic person you've encountered?
>Let me think. It's unfair if I say somebody to be plastic
if she has changed. I think it's Aiko Melendez. Remember the
time when Jomari got her pregnant? She called for a brainstorming
session with Douglas Quijano because her condition would soon
be leaked to the press. After that, someone told me that Aiko
doesn't want my presence in the brainstorming! Hello! Are
you nuts? You invited me in the first place! In fairness,
she's changed for the better.

23. what is the worst billboard in EDSA? For me it's Gladys
Reyes's billboard about an armpit whitening ad.
> Is it still there? What about Ellen's Skincare's ad in
Cubao? Gosh! She should have gotten another model instead
of her! She's old.
DJ Mo: I've been to her skincare once.
>For a whitening? Hahaha! Good thing you didn't replicate
her face.

24.When was the last time you "pleasured" yourself?
>Last week with my ex-bf. You know, with all the gay-killings,
I got cautious with my bed partners. Now, I choose to have
sex with my ex-boyfriends. Yeah, the two of them! One is
scheduled for MWF and the other for TThS! Hahahaha!

25.Have you ever dated a famous person?
>Not yet. I don't consider Red Anderson to be famous.
He's the model in a commercial who's playing with a garter
and ended up putting it with an old woman, instead. Yeah,
the setting is a wedding reception scene.

26.Who among our local celebrities underwent a plastic
>Difficult....let me think. Did Maui admit it?
DJ Mo: Yes, she had her cheeks and boobs done.
>Mylene Dizon admitted her boob job.
DJ Mo: Really? For what movie?
>For Gatas. Ahhh...I think it's Gwen Garci.
She was very different now from the first time that
I saw her. She had her hips done, I think.

27. Any showbiz reporter that you dislike? Geneva and Rachel
did not answer this.
>Ambeth Nabuz of Bulgar. He circulated a gossip that I
brought a large folding bed in our musical play that left
a little space for the rest. He did it considering he was
our PR-man. How could he? Now, I'm backing out of that play!

28.If you will be reborn, will you still choose to be
gay? or straight?
>Gay. I had a lot of hardships before. And I managed to get
over it.Gays are not accepted here. Sometimes I tend to
compare it with the US setting.
DJ Mo: But you're working in a place populated by gays.
>Yes. But in school, gays are procastinated. Even here
in showbiz, I meet a lot of homophobics.

29-30.(I did not understand ---somebody interrupted me--)

31.Name somebody in local showbiz who's a closet gay.
>Uma Khouny should come out in the open. P.B, too.
I can give you a lot of initials.

32.(I did not understand)

33. Most durable relationship.
>Juday and Ryan. They will last long.

34. (I did not understand.)

35.How many one night stands did you have?
>72 to 100.But now that I'm 33, my libido has decreased!

John was not able to answer number 36 when asked if he knows
of a talent-manager relationship in showbiz.