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January 2007

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Moments of Love

Can two people from two different periods of time meet and fall in love? It’s the theme “Moments of Love” tries to sell to its viewers.
The movie starts with Marco (Dingdong Dantes) taking a vacation with his younger sister (Isabel Oli) and cousin (Jojo Alejar) on a province. They stay on a transient house being managed by an old woman named Seding. The date is March 9, 2006 (?)
On a similar date but on a different year (1957), the movie focuses on Divina Buenacer (Iza Calzado) with her dame, the young Seding (Valerie Concepcion). Divina plays the piano to the tune of “Moments of Love.” Take note that “Moments of Love” is not yet composed during the late 50’s. But to satisfy the movie’s theme song; it’s forgivable. Simultaneously on the present time, Marco plays the piano in the same tune.
Marco’s first encounter with Lianne (Karylle) is supposed to be inside the church. The absent-minded Lianne left her mobile phone inside the church and the cousins took possesion of it. The kind-hearted Marco took the mobile phone and started calling someone from it’s phone book when an old woman (Gloria Romero) saved him from being hit by a running car.
It so happens that the old woman is Lianne’s grandmother so it’s expected that Marco will meet the two of them in the hospital. Lianne has a thing for Marco and I almost thought that she is Divina’s reincarnation.
So, Divina and Marco communicate through the telephone. Marco learns that Divina is bethroted to Juancho (Paolo Contis) against her will. They try to meet on Lake Tabon but as their time zone won’t permit it, they fail to see each other. Marco realizes that Divina is living on a different period when she engraves on the tree her name and the date she arrives on the lake.
Divina’s parents decide to cancel the wedding after realizing that they’re putting their daughter in a violent marital relationship with Juancho. But Juancho won’t give up on Divina so he hires spies to follow her.
Marco asks Divina to meet him in Makati. So, from the province, Divina takes a ferry to Manila. But she meets a sea accident. Luckily, a handsome ship captain (Ian Veneracion) saves her and marries her later. He renames her as “Rosa” when she cannot remember her name due to amnesia. On the present time, Dingdong laments over Divina at the Lake Tabon after realizing the tragedy that happened to her.
Seding acts as the connection between the past and the present. She tells Marco about the Buenacer family and Divina’s secret love (that’s supposed to be Marco). I have watched a similar story in ABS-CBN’s “Sa Dulo Ng Walang Hanggan.” I must say, “Sa Dulo” is more credible considering the timeline of the characters involved.
One of the dramatic highlights of the movie is the scene where Divina/Rosa and Marco are united for the first time in the hospital. In the end, Lianne and Marco end up together.
Movie Flaws:
1.Timeline of the characters: Divina’s time is 49 years ahead of Marco.
The writer did not mention about Divina’s age. But there’s a clue that she’s determined to pursue a degree on Fine Arts. So, she must be between 17-18 years old in 1957. That will make her 67 years old in 2006. Gloria is already 73 years old in real life. While her acting was superb in the movie, they should have gotten a younger actress to play the role. I think that Susan Roces should play the role, instead.
2.Why does Divina need to take a ferry on her way to Manila when Marco and company simply drive a van from Manila to the province? Let’s just assume that she’s probably in a hurry to get to Manila!
3.”Moments of Love” is not yet composed in the late 50’s so how can Divina play it on the piano?

4.What happened to the Buenacer family? Does it mean that Seding inherited the house when the Buenacer couple passed away?

5.There is a scene where Isabel Oli is looking for their driver because she wants to return to Manila. Why does the driver suddenly leaves the transient house because somebody in his family is sick? Why all of a sudden, the driver becomes a local of that province? Why, just to give chance to the budding love angle between Isabel and Dion?
6. If Divina and Marco are co-existing on two different time periods, then why should the old Divina save Marco “just to fulfil his destiny?” It would be more credible if Marco is the reincarnation of the old Marco or Lianne is the reincarnation of the young Divina.But hey, they are co-existing on two different times! 

7. The young Seding and the old Seding are co-existing in the past and in the present times. How could it be? What's the role of the tarot card  in the story? If the writer wants to establish a connection between the present and the past through the tarot card,then,
the young Seding should have asked the young Divina to shuffle the cards and likewise, the old Seding should have asked Marco to do the same since it seems to me that Seding knows some pyschic activities.
Movie Thumbs Up:

1. The romantic chemistry of Dingdong and Iza.
2. The comical character of Jojo Alejar as the "has been actor" Duke.
3. The love angle between Isabel Oli and Dion Ignacio.
4. The scene where Dingdong laments over Iza on the bank of the Lake Tabon.
5. Dingdong and Iza's phone conversation.
Rating: 7 out of 10 stars