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January 2007



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Jan. 19th, 2007



What's Wrong With Gretchen Barreto?

Tall, svelte and a goddess in her own right--that's Gretchen Barreto. 
Her life was an open book from her teenage romance with Aga Muhlach to her live-in relationship with ex-cager Joey Loyzaga, to her big career move to go bold, to her attempted suicide, to her witnessing (?) the switching of envelope in the 1994 Film Festival and to her being the live-in partner of business tycoon Tony Boy Cojuangco.

Dec. 14th, 2006



Sweet Got 35/40!

John Sweet Lapuz on DJ Mo's 89.9!

1.Who's the more credible writer? Lolit or Cristy?
> Cristy. Because she doesn't use a ghost writer.

2.Who's the more credible talkshow host?Lolit or Cristy?
>Lolit. Because she's wacky.

3.How old are you when you lost your virginity?
>I was 10! I did it with a classmate. I was in grade 5, still
uncircumsized. Then, I saw my classmate with his wang.
He dared me to do a blowjob. So, that was my first experience!
Sorry, mom! (embarrassed) It's embarassing! I asked my mom
to tune in!

4.Do you have any worst encounter with a celebrity?
>Yeah!It's with Nora Aunor. You know how much I adore Nora
Aunor. Then, she guested in Sharon. I went there to see
her. I was starstruck with her nice pair of eyes. Then,
she asked her assistant to bring her a glass of iced tea.
She was very nervous backstage. The assistant gave her
a silver glass instead. To my surprise, Nora asked me to
drink with her! Gosh!It was like....she was my idol and
it seemed to me that all the rumors about her drinking
were true!

DJ Mo:What about the Kris Aquino incident in Game Ka Na Ba?
John Lapuz:Ah, yeah. But I don't consider it to be my
worst encounter.I happened to be her contestant. I won a
million pesos and I was so excited with it. Then, two days
after, somebody told me that my winning was being questioned
and contested! I learned she (Kris) was questioning my
winning.I got really hurt cuz she was my friend. They
conducted an investigation and indeed, I won! I took home
the 800,000 (1 million less tax) and I bought a brand new
car the next day! Hahaha!

5.Who's your celebrity crush?
>Kristine Hermosa---so beautiful even without make-up.
For 10 seconds, I forgot that I was gay! Hahaha!She changed
her clothes in front of me! Now, I'm eyeing Diether Ocampo!

6.Who's the worst-dressed celebrity?
>Ayyy....Kuya Germs with all his glittery suits!
DJ Mo: Hey, it's his style...Eccentricity doesn't count.

7.Who's the feeling-diva of showbiz?
>Gretchen feels like a diva because she really is.
Hmmmp! I hate teenage stars who act as if they're popular.
This Nene Tamayo of PBB---she's a feeling diva! One time,
she snobbed me and I told that to our manager. Hahahah!
Our manager scolded her!

8.Who do you dislike working with?
> Keanna Reeves! I did a movie with her entitled Bb. K.
She can't act well!

9. What body part of you is not real?
>Well, everybody knows that my chin went under the knife,
I had lipo, too.!

10.Do you take home a male escort and how often?
>Yes. Last week I did it. I take home 3x a month.

11. What is the worst Xmas gift that you received?
>Hahaha! It was a book from a non-showbiz friend.

12. Who's got the worst B.O. among the local celebrities?
>Chocolate! There's something in his sweat and breath. I
stayed with him while we're doing US shows.

13.Who should make a big comeback?
>Nora Aunor. She's such a talent. So please, give her plane
tickets to come back here.

14.Who is goodlooking in TV/print but so-so in person?
>Zanjoe. He looks good in ads but not in person. Keanna, well..
looks old in person----because she's old! Hahahaha!

15.Name one overrated singer.
>Jessa Zaragoza. Madonna's voice is not that good, either.
Jessa's voice is like a man's. Oh, she's in the States with
her husband. MAybe the Americans will be amused at her.
"Hey, is that a man singing?"

16.Which is a better TV station? ABS or GMA?
> Of course I would say GMA!
DJ Mo: Why? Because they'll get you fired if you don't?
>No! Because the people like them. They gave a show. They
gave me a second chance!

17.But what is GMA's worst TV show?
> Hahahahaha! Daisy 7! Well, it caters to a certain crowd.
I don't get their format!

18.If there's one person you'd like to be expelled on the
Buzz...who is he?
>Jobert Sucaldito. Jobert is my friend but you know, the
show can survive even without him.

19.And who's the weakest link in S-files?
>Paolo Bediones. She can do better than showbiz talkshow.
DJ Mo: She?
>No, he! Hahaha!You see, I'm not good in English!

20.Who's local showbiz' worst actor and actress?
>Keanna and Troy for Bb. K. Direk Joven is a good director.
It's just the two of them who are not!

21.Who's the country's biggest drama queen?
>Lara Morena. Always crying on TV!

22.Who's the most plastic person you've encountered?
>Let me think. It's unfair if I say somebody to be plastic
if she has changed. I think it's Aiko Melendez. Remember the
time when Jomari got her pregnant? She called for a brainstorming
session with Douglas Quijano because her condition would soon
be leaked to the press. After that, someone told me that Aiko
doesn't want my presence in the brainstorming! Hello! Are
you nuts? You invited me in the first place! In fairness,
she's changed for the better.

23. what is the worst billboard in EDSA? For me it's Gladys
Reyes's billboard about an armpit whitening ad.
> Is it still there? What about Ellen's Skincare's ad in
Cubao? Gosh! She should have gotten another model instead
of her! She's old.
DJ Mo: I've been to her skincare once.
>For a whitening? Hahaha! Good thing you didn't replicate
her face.

24.When was the last time you "pleasured" yourself?
>Last week with my ex-bf. You know, with all the gay-killings,
I got cautious with my bed partners. Now, I choose to have
sex with my ex-boyfriends. Yeah, the two of them! One is
scheduled for MWF and the other for TThS! Hahahaha!

25.Have you ever dated a famous person?
>Not yet. I don't consider Red Anderson to be famous.
He's the model in a commercial who's playing with a garter
and ended up putting it with an old woman, instead. Yeah,
the setting is a wedding reception scene.

26.Who among our local celebrities underwent a plastic
>Difficult....let me think. Did Maui admit it?
DJ Mo: Yes, she had her cheeks and boobs done.
>Mylene Dizon admitted her boob job.
DJ Mo: Really? For what movie?
>For Gatas. Ahhh...I think it's Gwen Garci.
She was very different now from the first time that
I saw her. She had her hips done, I think.

27. Any showbiz reporter that you dislike? Geneva and Rachel
did not answer this.
>Ambeth Nabuz of Bulgar. He circulated a gossip that I
brought a large folding bed in our musical play that left
a little space for the rest. He did it considering he was
our PR-man. How could he? Now, I'm backing out of that play!

28.If you will be reborn, will you still choose to be
gay? or straight?
>Gay. I had a lot of hardships before. And I managed to get
over it.Gays are not accepted here. Sometimes I tend to
compare it with the US setting.
DJ Mo: But you're working in a place populated by gays.
>Yes. But in school, gays are procastinated. Even here
in showbiz, I meet a lot of homophobics.

29-30.(I did not understand ---somebody interrupted me--)

31.Name somebody in local showbiz who's a closet gay.
>Uma Khouny should come out in the open. P.B, too.
I can give you a lot of initials.

32.(I did not understand)

33. Most durable relationship.
>Juday and Ryan. They will last long.

34. (I did not understand.)

35.How many one night stands did you have?
>72 to 100.But now that I'm 33, my libido has decreased!

John was not able to answer number 36 when asked if he knows
of a talent-manager relationship in showbiz.

Dec. 5th, 2006



Gretchen,Dawn,Pops and Angel

Sila ang cast ng isang shampoo commercial.
Ano daw masasabi ko sa iringang Dawn at Greta?
Sige na nga, mag-comment na ako.
Pwedeng unahin ang paborito ko? Si Angel Aquino.

Si Angel, obvious na iwas-gulo! Hehehe...Bakit nga naman sya makikisawsaw eh wala namang kaaway sa showbiz yan!

Si Pops naman, eversince, di nakikialam sa away ng may away yan! Ang tanging gimik lang nila ng ex-hubby eh magbangayan at selosan kuno sa TV. Paano na yan, may anak ulit si Martin? Ano na namang gimik nila? Ang pagninang ni Pops sa baby?

Dawn, siguro, naasar si Dawn dahil wala siyang mapaglagyan ng sarili nyang gamit. Naranasan mo na bang mag-board? Kaasar pag yung boardmate mo eh madaming gamit na halos di na kayo makahinga, debah? Eh magdala pa daw ng sangkatutak na damit si Greta ala Veronica Lodge! I don't think yung oven ang kinainis ni Dawn, eh! Baka kamo may side comment ang La Greta na "I brought this oven because I don't eat this food" na syempre, referring sa handa doon sa photoshoot! May old iringan kase ang Greta at Dawn dahil sa kampi daw ang Dawn sa mayayamang umaaapi kay Greta! Kung hindi ba Tony Boy Cojuangco at Anton Lagdameo ang asawa nila, sino ba mas mayaman sa dalawa? Uyy, parehong Antonio ang pangalan ng asawa nila!!!

Sagot daw ng Dawn na at least she's married, dahil ang Greta ay hindi pa pinakakasalan ng Tony Boy sa di malamang dahilan. Dawn naman kase, alam mong yun ang Achilles heel ni Greta eh! Meaning, pag married na ang Greta, wala nang makakatinag sa kanya.

Naku, quiet na daw sa pagsagot ang Greta at na-offend yata ang Lani Mercado! Eh ikaw naman kase, sukat ungkatin mo pa ang nananahimik na issue sa inyo ni Bong Revilla! Ibang klase ka rin, Greta. Kasamahan mo si Lani sa GMA Supershow pero nagawa mong ahasin asawa nya????? Goshhhh! Anyways, wala akong memory gaano dun dahil elementary pa ako nang mangyari yun. Mas alam ko pa ang nangyari sa iyo noong filmfest scam.

Debah, mega away sa iyo si Ruffa dahil sa nangyari. Away ba or may halong deadmahan lang.

"She's my friend...." sagot mo sa isang interview referring kay Ruffa.

Na ang sagot naman ng Ruffa sa separate interview,"She's never been my friend!"


Pero syempre, bury the hatchet na! Ngayon, everytime uuwi ng Pinas si Ruffa, may pasalubong ka pa kay Lorin at Venice! Hehehehe... nagkapatawaran.


Condolence, Rita Avila

Rita Avila has always been one of my favourite stars.
She's not just a pretty face and a sexy body; she's also a good actress.
When she changed her image from demure to bold, it didn't stop me from admiring her. How many bold or sexy actress can carry that image with class besides Rita Avila, Gretchen Baretto and Cristina Gonzalez?

I was in primary school during the Jestoni Alarcon-Rita Avila loveteam. They were one of the favourites during their time! Of course, who would not remember the Sheryl-Romnick, Kristina-Monching and Manilyn-Janno loveteam?

Jes and Rita's reel and real romance didn't last long. After Jes, Rita became discreet about her personal life.

Was it last year when she was written on a blind item that she was going nuts because of her repeated miscarriages? When she announced on the first quarter of this year that she's finally pregnant again, I was one of those people who wished her good health.

Rita nurtured her baby for nine months. Fans, family and friends were equally happy when Rita gave birth last month. Rita and husband Eric were finally complete! Mimay and Popoy would have been Ate and Kuya! The baby boy brought happiness to them for only one month. Last Saturday, December 2nd, the baby boy passed away.

For one month, Rita was made to feel how to be a mother. Rita's angel is now in heaven, watching over her day and night.

Rita, stay strong. Condolence to you and to Eric.

Nov. 21st, 2006



I Love Angel Aquino!

A model.
A good actress.
That's Angel Aquino.

When she was just starting her showbiz career, I thought, she was just another starlet with no talent. Her first movie was a Raymart Santiago action flick, "Mumbaki." She was pregnant at that time.

She married young. She was a young college student in UP-Baguio when she met her husband. Her husband belongs to a well-off family in Baguio. Their relationship did not last long, though.

When she co-hosted "F," I thought she was totally out of her co-hosts league! I wondered whether she could make a classy host! I was wrong; she was absolutely good as a host!

Then, Pantene got her for their shampoo commercial. She was not just a woman with a beautiful long hair; she was an effective product endorser! Because if not, Pantene would not dare get her for their future commercial projects!

Now came the Captain Barbell offer. Snooky Serna's loss is definitely Angel's gain. She IS even better than Snooky in giving justice to the role of Mrs. B. I have nothing against Snooky and she's one of my favourites, too, but her family problems
affect her in her acting.

Oct. 2nd, 2006




Bakit ba sobrang galit si Valeria kay Bakekang?
Sobra naman yatang post-partum syndrome yun!
Pagselosan ba ang pangit! Hehehe.....

Sep. 25th, 2006



Boo or Yey?

1.Kris Aquino is finally preggy with husband James Yap! The baby will be named James Jr if it's a boy and Oprah, if it's a girl. Kris's family is very much supportive of her second pregnancy especially her only brother, Kuya Noynoy Aquino.

2.Gretchen Baretto or Dawn Zulueta to replace Pia Guanio in S-Files? Why can't Greta just be content in being Mrs. (?) Tony Boy Cojuangco? By the way, Tony owns ABC5. Then, why can't she just put up her own show in her own TV network? Strange!

3.The alleged Claudine Baretto sex video with a former boyfriend is creating doubts on the latter's intention. If it were true and if he were in his proper senses, why would he, if he were a gentleman, threaten to expose their sexcapades before? He's insane, pathetic and deserves ignorance!

4.Where is Christian Esteban? I thought he would make good as an actor and TV host. But basing it from Lovely Day's standing, the show can still sustain its ratings even without him. I believe that he is one of the most talented product of Starstruck. 

5.Janice de Belen should be in Flor de Luna! Forget the battle of the networks.(Janice is in GMA7) Forget that ex-hubby John Estrada is also in the cast. If I were the producer of Flor de Luna, I would have made Flor's story in continuation of where it ended several years ago. Why make a remake even if it will be a hit just like Kristine Hermosa's Gulong Ng Palad? Make something different like making a continuation on Flor's life! And who would be in a better position to handle Flor's role well but the main actor who portrayed Flor's character---Janice de Belen!

6.Ogie and Regine should stop denying. The only people who do not know their ongoing relationship are Ogie Alcacid and Regine Velasquez! Sometimes, I have weird thoughts like Gelli de Belen should have let Regine Velasquez took Ariel Rivera. Gelli, with her svelte figure and pretty face, could still get another man in replacement of Ariel but not Regine. Regine can be everything as a singer and performer but there is one thing lacking in her---a man to match her status.

7.Iwa Moto's life story in Magpakailanman brought tears to my eyes. I could see a troubled teener in her. A daughter who was made to mature overnight because of her parents' issues. I hope she has really changed for the better. One more thing, she could get a better boyfriend than Rochelle Pangilinan's ex-bf, Yexel Sebastian!

8. Sugar Mercado and Alyssa Alano are cute in portraying pretty but dumb roles in TV. But I hope the network where they are working for won't capitalize too much on their "dumbness." Sometimes, it irritates me to watch Alyssa mispronouncing some English words. It irritates me to see Sugar crying everytime she feels "victimized" by the Eat Bulaga hosts. 

9. For some reasons, I don't find Kim Chiu of PBB Teen Edition endearing. I hate her catatonic facial expressions when she's being interviewed!

10.Apparently, Patrick Garcia used Jennylyn Mercado when he tried to be close to her during the time that he was fresh from his transfer from ABS-CBN to GMA-7. Is it true that he's trying to win back ex-gf Bianca King?

Apr. 17th, 2006



Moments of Love

Can two people from two different periods of time meet and fall in love? It’s the theme “Moments of Love” tries to sell to its viewers.
The movie starts with Marco (Dingdong Dantes) taking a vacation with his younger sister (Isabel Oli) and cousin (Jojo Alejar) on a province. They stay on a transient house being managed by an old woman named Seding. The date is March 9, 2006 (?)
On a similar date but on a different year (1957), the movie focuses on Divina Buenacer (Iza Calzado) with her dame, the young Seding (Valerie Concepcion). Divina plays the piano to the tune of “Moments of Love.” Take note that “Moments of Love” is not yet composed during the late 50’s. But to satisfy the movie’s theme song; it’s forgivable. Simultaneously on the present time, Marco plays the piano in the same tune.
Marco’s first encounter with Lianne (Karylle) is supposed to be inside the church. The absent-minded Lianne left her mobile phone inside the church and the cousins took possesion of it. The kind-hearted Marco took the mobile phone and started calling someone from it’s phone book when an old woman (Gloria Romero) saved him from being hit by a running car.
It so happens that the old woman is Lianne’s grandmother so it’s expected that Marco will meet the two of them in the hospital. Lianne has a thing for Marco and I almost thought that she is Divina’s reincarnation.
So, Divina and Marco communicate through the telephone. Marco learns that Divina is bethroted to Juancho (Paolo Contis) against her will. They try to meet on Lake Tabon but as their time zone won’t permit it, they fail to see each other. Marco realizes that Divina is living on a different period when she engraves on the tree her name and the date she arrives on the lake.
Divina’s parents decide to cancel the wedding after realizing that they’re putting their daughter in a violent marital relationship with Juancho. But Juancho won’t give up on Divina so he hires spies to follow her.
Marco asks Divina to meet him in Makati. So, from the province, Divina takes a ferry to Manila. But she meets a sea accident. Luckily, a handsome ship captain (Ian Veneracion) saves her and marries her later. He renames her as “Rosa” when she cannot remember her name due to amnesia. On the present time, Dingdong laments over Divina at the Lake Tabon after realizing the tragedy that happened to her.
Seding acts as the connection between the past and the present. She tells Marco about the Buenacer family and Divina’s secret love (that’s supposed to be Marco). I have watched a similar story in ABS-CBN’s “Sa Dulo Ng Walang Hanggan.” I must say, “Sa Dulo” is more credible considering the timeline of the characters involved.
One of the dramatic highlights of the movie is the scene where Divina/Rosa and Marco are united for the first time in the hospital. In the end, Lianne and Marco end up together.
Movie Flaws:
1.Timeline of the characters: Divina’s time is 49 years ahead of Marco.
The writer did not mention about Divina’s age. But there’s a clue that she’s determined to pursue a degree on Fine Arts. So, she must be between 17-18 years old in 1957. That will make her 67 years old in 2006. Gloria is already 73 years old in real life. While her acting was superb in the movie, they should have gotten a younger actress to play the role. I think that Susan Roces should play the role, instead.
2.Why does Divina need to take a ferry on her way to Manila when Marco and company simply drive a van from Manila to the province? Let’s just assume that she’s probably in a hurry to get to Manila!
3.”Moments of Love” is not yet composed in the late 50’s so how can Divina play it on the piano?

4.What happened to the Buenacer family? Does it mean that Seding inherited the house when the Buenacer couple passed away?

5.There is a scene where Isabel Oli is looking for their driver because she wants to return to Manila. Why does the driver suddenly leaves the transient house because somebody in his family is sick? Why all of a sudden, the driver becomes a local of that province? Why, just to give chance to the budding love angle between Isabel and Dion?
6. If Divina and Marco are co-existing on two different time periods, then why should the old Divina save Marco “just to fulfil his destiny?” It would be more credible if Marco is the reincarnation of the old Marco or Lianne is the reincarnation of the young Divina.But hey, they are co-existing on two different times! 

7. The young Seding and the old Seding are co-existing in the past and in the present times. How could it be? What's the role of the tarot card  in the story? If the writer wants to establish a connection between the present and the past through the tarot card,then,
the young Seding should have asked the young Divina to shuffle the cards and likewise, the old Seding should have asked Marco to do the same since it seems to me that Seding knows some pyschic activities.
Movie Thumbs Up:

1. The romantic chemistry of Dingdong and Iza.
2. The comical character of Jojo Alejar as the "has been actor" Duke.
3. The love angle between Isabel Oli and Dion Ignacio.
4. The scene where Dingdong laments over Iza on the bank of the Lake Tabon.
5. Dingdong and Iza's phone conversation.
Rating: 7 out of 10 stars

Feb. 10th, 2006



Dalaga na si Princess Sarah!

Camille Pratts, yes, the lovely Camille Pratts is the latest FHM model. I personally think that she's more sensual than the angelic Angelica Panganiban. Look at her eyes, with contacts though! The former Princess Sarah child star is now a full-grown lady. Aaaaw....never mind if the mid-section of her body is photoshopped. (some people question if her vital statistics on the photo is real)


Jan. 25th, 2006



Hay naku!

Hay naku! What else is new? Sila Anne Curtis at Luis Manzano na daw ngayon! Actually, noon ko pa napi-feel na magkaka-developan nga ang dalawang yan sa taping ng Kampanerang Kuba, no! Eh common knowledge naman na feel nila ang isa't-isa dati. Naudlot na nga lang dahil na-involve kay Richard Gutierrez yang si Anne. Well, so press release lang pala ang nasulat nung late December and early January na kesyo nag-iipon itong si Anne para sa Australian wedding nya kay Paolo Araneta? Eh ito naman kaseng si Paolo, pipili rin lang ng girlfriend, sa isang babaeng 10 years younger pa sa kanya! Kung corporate-look rin lang, madaming babaeng 23-28 years old diyan na pwedeng-pwede nyang ligawan. Sa tingin ko kase, Anne is too young for a serious commitment. Eh si Luis, seryoso na rin ba naman? Seryoso in the sense na kaya na at gusto nang mag-asawa. I don't think so.

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